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The 5 Stages of Rosacea

Stage 1

Redness appears occasionally and can be triggered by temperature, hot beverages, exercise, spicy dishes or alcohol, etc.
Stage 2
The redness settles permanently in the center of the face. In dermatology, this is known as erythematous telangiectatic rosacea.
Stage 3
If one does not intervene, papules (small, red, and hard bumps) may appear. A burning or tingling sensation can also be felt at this stage known as the inflammatory stage.
Stage 4
Some smaller, red veins become visible under the skin, while the skin around the nose and cheeks thicken.
Stage 5
In rare cases, severe rosacea – called phymatous rosacea – can lead to the development of rhinophyma - a bulbous enlargement of the nose, most common in men. Rosacea can also be ocular when it is located on the eyelids, conjunctiva and cornea, manifesting itself as red, watery and very dry eyes.

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