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Large Pores & Uneven Texture

Smooth as Silk

Who doesn't want skin that looks like satin? However, everyone’s skin has pores, little openings in the skin surface, and these pores produce sebum (oil) and serve as pathways for hair follicles. Pores can sometimes appear to be enlarged. This happens when dirt, oil and debris get trapped in the pores, expanding the skin and, as a result, the pores. As skin ages and loses its elasticity, pores can expand and look larger on the face. Usually, this is more noticeable on the forehead, nose and chin. Another cause of textural issues is scarring left behind from skin conditions that we may no longer have. These treatments can help with all of these things.

One of our most effective treatments for texture is Laser Genesis which is a non-invasive treatment that promotes vibrant, healthy looking skin by stimulating collagen regrowth. It specifically work as it penetrates deep into the skin where the problem arises and shrinks pores. In addition to this, Laser Genesis also fades acne scarring and diffuses redness.

This treatment combines our laser genesis with our oxygen facial. The exfoliation from the oxygen treatment is a perfect pre-treatment before the Laser Genesis which releases heat that penetrates deep into the skin, stimulating the production of collagen, which helps shrink the pores and makes the skin more even tone.

A three in one facial that includes exfoliation, hydration and tightening. Skin plumping and hydrating, increased collagen an improvement in texture and hyper pigmentation.

Microneedling introduces minute perforations to the skin, which initiates a healing response. This therapy is an excellent option to address acne scarring, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Skin texture is improved and pore size is reduced.

Designed to balance skin tone and texture, and remove UV damage.

Great for brown spots, redness (rosacea), smoothing fine lines, and large pores. 

LimeLight also balances color and improves the complexion.

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