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Oxygenesis Treatments

Twice as nice

OxyGenesis is a dual treatment that combines the resurfacing power of the Oxygen Facial with the collagen boosting, pore shrinking, resurfacing benefits of Laser Genesis. Both of these treatments have been known to aid in helping fine lines, wrinkles, evening texture, minimizing pores, and diminishing redness but the Oxygen component is working mostly on the surface of the skin, while the Genesis is getting into the deeper layers and creating a more lasting effect. Perfect a week before a big event and also a wonderful treatment for those concerned with their back.

What is It?

An instantly revitalising facial  that fuses oxy-dermabrasion, a noninvasive resurfacing technology, with a laser-induced rejuvenation process. During the initial phase a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants are infused into the skin which has been cleansed through the bodies natural physiological response to increased oxygen levels in the skin. The laser waves will then treat the deeper layers of the skin energising the fibroblasts, stimulating collagen production and helping to reverse damage inflicted to the face from ultraviolet radiation and aging.

Who is it for?

The OxyGenesis is a skin saviour for patients with enlarged pores, oily and congested, acne prone skin. It is also a fantastic treatment for those looking to preserve their youthful skin as prejuvenation is more effective than having to reverse signs of aging. It is a treatment for all skin types and all ages.

How does it work?

Following the exfoliation and hydration phase of the facial, where my blackheads and blemishes were banished, it is time for Laser Genesis. Used to stimulate your skin cells to behave the way they should be, retaining elasticity and regenerating, the laser reaches 2mm below your skin’s surface to give it what is described as a ‘work out’.
You can learn more about Laser Genesis here and more about the Oxygen Facial here.

What can I expect?

Most people can return to their day right away making this a perfect, no downtime treatment. Skin will have a healthy glow, for some their skin may be a little red for the first hour or so after the treatment, but the redness is typically very mild.


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