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eGift Card for the Spa


You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own.
IMPORTANT Please write in the first and last name and not Mom or Grandma, thank you!




Thank you for your purchase and trusting your loved ones to us, we will make sure to treat them with care.

When filling in the name of the person receiving this Gift Card please use their FIRST and LAST NAME so that we can attach the card number to their file within our spa system. This way if the paper copy is lost we can still track it for them to use.

If you use Mom, Grandma or any other term of endearment we will not be able to assign the gift card number and should it be lost, it is gone forever and nobody wants that!

If you want to print a paper copy to include in a card you are mailing then put your email address in the field and you can print it out, if you just want to e-mail it to the recipient put their e-mail, it's that simple : )

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