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Imagine a life free of shaving, tweezing, plucking or waxing? You could just shower and go, ingrown hairs and razor burn wouldn’t exist, you could feel confident when rubbing up against…anyone.


Not to mention the time, money and aggravation you’d save.Well, retire your razors  because those very temporary solutions can be replaced with something way more effective: laser hair removal.


Whether you’re suffering from excessive hair growth or in-growns and irritation are making you feel self-conscious, your laser technician will work with you to treat you as efficiently and comfortably as possible.


Pulses of laser energy are delivered to the area being treated to disable the follicle and prevent it from producing hair again. Over the course of several sessions, we can target hairs as they’re in their active growth phase ensuring they don’t come back.In addition to zapping hair at the root, the dermal heating from the laser tightens skin (hello, bonus anti-aging powers!), shrinks pores, boosts cell turnover to heal scars from nicks and ingrown hairs, eliminates bacteria and blemishes and leaves you glowing.


The best part? At our spa we don't just use one machine we have the Cutera XEO machine and the Lumenis Lightsheer so laser hair removal is available to everyone, regardless of skin or hair type, and the process is faster, safer and more effective than ever before. Whether your skin is fair or dark, we’ve got you covered.


Upper Lip

Ball of Chin

Lip & Ball of Chin

Lip & Full Chin


Full Face

Spot treatment



Neck & Shoulders

Men's Chest

Men's Stomach

$ 75

$ 75

$ 110

$ 145

$ 85

$ 175

$ 50

$ 195

$ 120

$ 275

$ 195

$ 175


Lower Arms

Full Arms

Stomach Trail



Men's Upper Back

Men's Lower Back

Men's Full Back

$ 79

$ 135

$ 180

$ 75

$ 150

$ 95

$ 195

$ 195

$ 340

Lower Leg

Upper Leg

Full Leg

Bikini Regular

Bikini Skinny

Bikini Brazil

R Bikini & Underarms

$ 175

$ 195

$ 295

$ 105

$ 135

$ 185

$ 175

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