All pedicures are performed in our pedicure lounge with a beautiful view of the Salish Sea. They are performed in a pedicure throne that has several different massage modes for your relaxation, all pedicures include a foot soak, callous removal, cuticle treatment,  nail shaping and lotion application.


* If you request French polish please note there is no extra charge but it takes longer and your scrub and massage will be shortened to accommodate it.

$44     The Natural - all the footwork no polish.


$54     The Classic - all of the above and it includes polish

$61     The Spa - our most popular pedicure, includes sugar scrub, polish and a foot and leg massage to the knee.

$70     The Deluxe - a full Spa pedicure plus a paraffin dip.

$65     The Gelish - a Spa pedicure but with a light cured gel polish.

$70     The Gel Nail Pedi - this is a gel overlay for your toes. 

$71     The Hot Stone - the Spa with the addition of hot stones, heavenly

$120    The Reflex  - this wonderful treatment includes 45 minutes of reflexology as well as a Spa pedicure.


$12     Paraffin Dip - a deeply moisturizing treatment, great for dry feet. Can be added to any pedicure but please tell us at the time of booking as extra time is needed.


** Unfortunately due to new policies and procedures we are unable to offer Combo packages at this time. Manis and Pedis will have to be booked individually. We will return to offering combinations when we can. Thank you for your understanding.


These services must be received at the same time, they cannot be broken up into individual appointments.

$76    The No Polish Combo -  no polish on either hands or feet

$86     The Natural Mani/ Classic Pedi Combo - polish on feet only

$103    The Spa Mani / Pedi Combo - regular polish on hands and feet

$109   The Gelish Mani / Pedi Combo - gel polish on hands and feet

$105    The Half & Half Combo - gel polish hands and regular polish feet